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Ergonomically Designed PIPETBOY Comfort Wins Design Award

INTEGRA Biosciences has announced that Mr Vito Noto, the designer of its popular PIPETBOY Comfort, has been awarded an entry in the prestigious Associazione per il Disegno Industriale 2003 (ADI Design Index).

Much sought after by international designers the ADI Design Index selects from a vast array of new products only the most innovative designs that combine visual appeal, functionality and ease-of-use.

The PIPETBOY Comfort has been ergonomically contoured to fit perfectly into even small hands. The robust, yet lightweight construction of the PIPETBOY Comfort offers high-throughput laboratories a pipette they can use all day and remain fatigue-free. Designed for comfortable single handed pipetting in the 1-50 millilitre volume range the PIPETBOY Comfort ensures precise and safe operation for applications ranging from rapid pipetting to sensitive precision dosing.

Unlike other lower cost pipetting devices the PIPETBOY Comfort has in-built features to prevent accidental misuse. Incorporating a sterile PTFE-membrane filter the PIPETBOY Comfort prevents contamination from overfilling as the penetration of liquid is prevented. In addition the PIPETBOY Comfort will not squirt out under pressure even if a filled pipette is unintentionally aspirated.

Incorporating a silicone pipette mount the PIPETBOY Comfort guarantees a sure grip with all commercially available glass and plastic pipettes from 1ml to 50 ml. A combined all-in-one stand and charging station allows the PIPETBOY Comfort to be wall mounted or sit on the laboratory bench such that it is always ready to hand. For sensitive samples all parts of the PIPETBOY Comfort that come into contact with liquid can be autoclaved.

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Posted on May 17, 2004