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Historic Landmark for INTEGRA Biosciences Precision Pipette


In January 2004, INTEGRA Biosciences expects to ship its 100,000th PIPETBOY acu precision pipette. To mark this notable landmark INTEGRA Biosciences is introducing a new purple PIPETBOY acu.

Available now in a choice of 6 distinctive colours (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Grey and Purple) the PIPETBOY acu provides a simple, yet highly effective means of visually eliminating the chances of using a wrong pipette and cross contaminating your sample.

Originally introduced in 1994, and enhanced over the last decade, the durable and reliable PIPETBOY acu has become a globally recognised benchmark in affordable precision pipetting in the 1-100 millilitre range. Designed for comfortable single handed pipetting the lightweight PIPETBOY acu ensures precise and safe operation for applications ranging from rapid pipetting to sensitive precision dosing.

The versatile PIPETBOY acu is ideal for use with all commercially available serological glass and plastic pipettes (1 to 100 ml) using a proprietary silicone mount to ensure a safe and secure grip. Incorporating an easy-to-change sterile PTFE-membrane filter the PIPETBOY acu prevents contamination from overfilling as the penetration of liquid is prevented. The PIPETBOY acu utilises high performance NiMH battery technology to ensure the pipette is always available for use. For sensitive samples, all parts of the PIPETBOY acu that come into contact with liquid can be autoclaved clean at 121 °C for 20 minutes.

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Posted on January 23, 2004