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Implementation of STARLIMS Microbiology Module Helps Win Award

The Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services (DCLS) of the Commonwealth of Virginia, has received a "Teamwork Award" at the recent annual meeting of the Department of General Services.

The award was presented in recognition of DCLS's successful implementation of a STARLIMS laboratory information management system. DCLS is one of the largest public health laboratory networks in the United States with a staff of nearly 250 scientists that provide support to over 26 state agencies including the Departments of Health, Agriculture and Consumer Services, and Environmental Quality.

"I am very proud of the accomplishments of the DCLS LIMS Solution Implementation Team and pleased that they have received this well-deserved recognition. DCLS and its customers will no doubt benefit from the implementation of this comprehensive LIMS application." said Wanda ("Willie") Andrews, who is an Assistant Bureau Director for Analytical Services at DCLS. Ms. Andrews overseas a wide range of lab services including environmental and drinking water testing, microbiology, clinical, food, feed/fertilizer, and newborn screening.

"DCLS has every reason to be proud of this award, and of the overall success of their STARLIMS project. Thanks to the concerted efforts of the laboratory staff, DCLS has optimized the utility of their new LIMS solution," said Jeff Ferguson, Chief Operating Officer at STARLIMS Corporation. "It is gratifying to see a new milestone in our long-standing collaboration with DCLS. I am particularly pleased with the successful implementation of the STARLIMS microbiology module, an innovative module that is unique in both the LIMS and LIS industries."

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Posted on June 13, 2006