Rhapsody™ and STARLIMS Streamline Data Exchange for Public Health Organizations

Orion Systems International Inc, a provider of clinical workflow and integration technology to the healthcare industry, and STARLIMS Corporation, the provider of Laboratory Information Management Systems, (LIMS), have announced today a partnership to address the need for rapid and unified exchange of laboratory data between information systems and organizations.

STARLIMS will embed Orion’s Rhapsody™ Integration Engine in their LIMS solution, leveraging Rhapsody’s support for HL7 Version 3 W3C messaging schemas for the reporting of surveillance data and the Public Health Information Network (PHIN) message transport required for the secure transmission of public health data.

The use of Rhapsody™ will significantly reduce the complexity involved for public health partners when extracting or populating data from the STARLIMS system.

The partnership between Orion and STARLIMS is particularly targeted at providing support for agencies involved in the Centers for Disease Control’s nationwide PHIN initiative, which aims to build a standard framework for the consistent exchange of response, health, and disease tracking data between public health partners throughout the United States.

Rhapsody Integration Engine offers public health organizations a secure and fault tolerant integration infrastructure for messaging, embracing the latest in public health standards. This will further facilitate the transfer of disease surveillance data between laboratories, government agencies and public health entities.

STARLIMS public health solutions are designed as a platform for linking between regional public health partners working under the PHIN framework, HL7 messaging protocols and using LOINC and SNOMED as the common vocabulary for test names and observations. This functionality enables cross-site sample transfer and data exchange.

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Posted on September 6, 2004

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