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Introducing the Veritas Microplate Luminometer with Injectors

Turner BioSystems have introduced the newest addition to its family of luminometers, the Veritas™ Microplate Luminometer.

This state-of-the-art microplate luminometer is designed to meet the needs of high sensitivity and broad dynamic range for all bioluminescent and chemiluminescent applications. With two optional injectors, the Veritas is a versatile system capable of performing both flash and glow type luminescent assays. Its proprietary detection system design makes the Veritas the most sensitive microplate luminometer available.

It also enables users to detect the widest possible range of luminescence signals, from very low to extremely bright. Although the Veritas™ is a sophisticated and powerful instrument, it is very easy to use. The Direct-to-Excel user interface controls the instrument and reports data directly to an Excel spreadsheet for easy data analysis.

The optional Veritas™ Microplate Luminometer Light Plate provides a quick way to verify the performance of the instrument.

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Source : Turner BioSystems [USA]
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Posted on January 12, 2004