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Profos Introduces EndoGrade™ Ovalbumin

Microbiological contamination is a well recognized problem of research reagents in many applications. Especially elevated endotoxin levels often lead to misinterpretations in cell culture or animal model experiments. Profos AG will soon be introducing EndoGrade™ Ovalbumin.

EndoGrade™ Ovalbumin has endotoxin conc. < 1 EU/mg and is ideal for in vivo and in vitro immunological studies. With the first of the globally unique EndoGrade™ products - with lowest endotoxin content - Profos sets new quality guidelines for reagents in immunology and cell culture.

The glycoprotein ovalbumin is the main constituent in egg white. Currently ovalbumin is one of the extensively used proteins in animal studies and also an established model allergen for airway hyper-responsiveness (AHR). Using its proprietary technology EndoTrap® Profos AG established an efficient endotoxin removal process to provide ovalbumin with lowest endotoxin content. The product is designed to give researchers the ability to ensure accurate results by avoiding side effects by endotoxin stimulation.

With EndoGrade™ Ovalbumin Profos adds to its range of endotoxin removal systems and high-quality endotoxin-free products, with further products in development

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Posted on September 3, 2007