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Powerful New Comet Macro for Analysis of Grouped Data

Powerful statistics capabilities with the new comet macro for the Comet Assay III system from Perceptive Instruments

Perceptive Instruments, the image analysis and data processing specialists, have written a new Microsoft Excel macro for use with their Comet assay software. It allows comet assay data to be analysed, and statistics produced, for both grouped and individual data. The macro is provided as part of the Comet Assay III package, and is also available for use with Comet Assay II data.

A typical set up for an in vitro experiment might include 50 cells from 3 slides per culture and 2 or 3 cultures per treatment (dose) group. As with previous Comet Assay macros, there are facilities to generate and analyse the data and statistics for each slide in the experiment. What the new macro offers, is the ability to combine all data for each particular group such as treatment in order to generate statistics and graphs.

Users will now be able to quickly and easily generate data on all comet parameters (Tail moment, Tail % DNA, Tail length etc.) for both raw and log transformed data, including, means, medians, percentiles, etc. The macro also provides 2D and frequency distribution histograms and box & whisker plots on raw and log transformed data. The macro provides the full range of statistics recommended in recent publications by leading experts in the field. All graphs and reports are of course customisable using standard MS Excel functionality.

This ease of use and timesaving is not at the expense of accuracy or regulatory awareness. Comet Assay III is designed to comply with 21 CFR Part 11 and international GLP's and is produced by a company whose Quality Management System has been independently approved to ISO 9001:2000.

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Posted on February 2, 2004