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Romer Labs® Reacts to Global Acetonitrile Shortage

Reduce your acetonitrile usage with Romer Labs® recently developed alternative HPLC methods for the analysis of mycotoxins.

Food, environmental and chemical industries are all searching for solutions to deal with the most severe acetonitrile shortage in history. Recently, independent events accentuated acetonitrile shortage, like the shut-down of production in China due to the Olympics, the damage to a acetonitrile plant in Texas due to Hurricane Ike, and finally, due to the severe economic slowdown that reduced the need for acrylic fibers (Acetonitrile is a byproduct of that process).

Romer Labs® has reacted to the current acetonitrile shortage and has released alternative HPLC methods for the analysis of mycotoxins with our clean-up products (MycoSep®/MultiSep® and/or Starline™ immunoaffinity columns) that are based on methanol instead of acetonitrile.

These alternative methods are all fully validated and are equivalent to the acetonitrile based standard methods. These new methanol-based methods completely avoid acetonitrile or use extremely low amounts of acetonitrile.

This helps to eliminate the laboratory supply and cost issue with the current shortage and any future acetonitrile shortage.

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Posted on March 16, 2009