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Ready-to-Use, Diagnostic Slide Culture System for Identifying Fungi


The Hardy Diagnostics MycoVue™ System is a ready-to-use, diagnostic slide culture system for identifying fungi. It streamlines the identification of fungi by its microscopic morphological appearance.

Accurate identification of filamentous fungi is based on the microscopic examination of sporulating parts of a colony since each species has a characteristic morphology in the arrangement of its spores and fruiting bodies.

The MycoVue™ System provides the laboratorian with a standardized, comprehensive method that eliminates time-consuming preparations and technical difficulties encountered with the classical slide culture technique. It simplifies the slide culture method by providing all the necessary components for this procedure in one ready-to-use disposable unit.

The system comes complete with a protective lid and a built-in humidifying chamber. The device is designed to fit easily onto a microscope stage, thereby allowing direct viewing of the developing fungus through the device, thus eliminating the disruption of the fungal colony. If desired, the cover slip can be removed and stained for further evaluation or preservation.

The MycoVue™ is offered with your choice of two media formulations: Potato Flake Agar or SABHI™ Agar with Chloramphenicol - for the inhibition of contaminating bacteria.

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Posted on February 3, 2006