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New StrepPRO Grouping Kit Includes Group D

The new StrepPRO Grouping Kit is a unique streptococcal grouping, latex agglutination kit, and is used for the rapid identification of streptococcal groups A, B, C, D, F, and G from primary culture plates.

The StrepPRO Grouping Kit is fast with accurate results in one minute at room temperature. The kit features modified acid extraction technology with no reconstitution and no incubation required. The reagents are color-coded for easy identification and stored in a ready-to-use, space saving workstation. The StrepPRO Grouping kit contains large blue carboxylated latex particles resulting in strong easy-to-read positive reactions.

StrepPRO is noted for its high specificity and lack or cross reactivity due to the advanced technology of large carboxylated latex particles. The blue latex particles show up clearly on the white reaction card which contains eight reaction circles. There are 60 tests per kit which includes reaction cards, stirrers, extraction reagents, and controls. Unlike most strep kits, the StrepPRO includes a group D latex reagent.

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Posted on February 21, 2005