Hardy diagnostics introduces pre reduced media for anaerobes

Pre-reduced anaerobic culture media AnaeroGRO™ from Hardy Diagnostics is pre-reduced culture media packaged in oxygen-free, gas flushed foil pouches.

  • Packaging contains an oxygen scavenger sachet, and a moisture absorbing desiccant packet.

  • Foil pouches have an easy-to-open, pre-scored notch.

  • Wide variety of packaging combinations available: monoplates, biplates, and primary set-up combinations.

  • Tubes feature a screw-cap design with rubber septum Hungate caps.

  • Quality Control tested for reliable and reproducible results.

  • Superior growth and performance characteristics compared to other leading brands.

  • Manufactured in an ISO 13485 certified facility.

  • Competitive pricing, quality products, with exceptional service and support.

For more information on AnaeroGRO™ visit www.HardyDiagnostics.com/anaerogro.html.

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Posted on January 31, 2011