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New Paddle Blender from Retsch

The new Paddle Blender PB 100 is designed for sample preparation for subsequent microbiological food testing. The homogenization of the sample is produced by a combination of mechanical effects. The patented SMASH effect is complemented by a peristaltic mixing of the sample which guarantees optimum sample preparation.

The automatic overload protection for difficult samples, such as carrots or cheese rind, helps to avoid blockage - it is not necessary to reposition the bag. Samples are prepared in disposable sterile bags avoiding cross contamination. The bags are available in different designs and can be heat sealed for toxic waste.

The PB 100 is exceptionally easy to operate. The parameters are selected via an intuitive keypad and are displayed on an LCD screen which also shows the elapsed blending time.

Three preset speeds and nine different blending times offer a wide range of possibilities. The PB 100 is started simply by pulling down the handle. In case sample material has leaked into the chamber, cleaning the PB 100 is a matter of seconds due to the fully accessible chamber, integrated waste drawer and round corners. The Paddle Blender combines unique design with robust construction. The housing and chamber made of ABS are resistant to disinfectants and wear. The paddles and inside door are made of stainless steel.

The innovative design of the PB 100 (soundproof conception) makes it the quietest lab blender compared to any standard blender in the market with approximately 10 dBA less noise development.

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Posted on October 26, 2010