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The Fastest Real-time PCR with Most Accurate Hi-Res Melting® System.

LightScanner 32
The LightScanner 32 (LS32™) instrument is an air thermocycler capable of automatically analyzing samples for the presence of targeted nucleic acid.

It combines real-time, rapid thermocycling technology and Hi-Res Melting and is capable of analyzing 32 samples per run in less than 60 min.
The LS32 instrument is configured for three-color detection for real-time and single-color detection for Hi-Res Melting. Real-Time PCR results can be generated using all commercially available labeled probe chemistry including Taqman®, SYBR® Green, and FRET or HybProbe®. Optimal Hi-Res Melting results are generated using LCGreen® Plus dye.
  • Rapidly generate high quality gene expression data

  • Accurately discriminate even the most subtle DNA mutations.

  • Affordably genotype samples with greater specificity than TaqMan® genotyping at a fraction of the cost.

Proven technology and exceptional customer support from Idaho Technology - inventors of
rapid PCR, the LightCycler® , and Hi-Res Melting offers users the ultimate in application flexibility at a very affordable price.

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Source : Idaho Technology Inc. [USA]
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Posted on March 16, 2009