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AOAC Approved PCR Salmonella Pooling Strategy Reduces Cost per Test

Idaho Technology, Inc. have announced that their Salmonella LT assay has received AOAC
Research Institute (RI) approval. The assay uses real-time PCR technology to identify the presence of Salmonella in food samples.

'The validation of this test marks a major achievement for Idaho Technology as we extend our leadership role from R.A.P.I.D.® pathogen identification in the biodefense market into the food security industry,' states Chief Development Officer Todd Ritter.

The Salmonella LT assay is used with Idaho's R.A.P.I.D. LT Food Security System, which uses reduced enrichment times--only 16 hours followed by PCR--paired with real-time PCR technology to provide rapid and accurate results. The R.A.P.I.D. LT instrument combines rapid air thermocycling and a real-time fluorimeter to reliably identify test food samples in less than 35 minutes, a great improvement considering PCR testing traditionally can take several hours.

The complete system provides the easiest end-to-end PCR protocol and now is the only AOAC-approved post-enrichment pooling protocol. Using a 5:1 sample pooling approach enables the cost per test to approach that of traditional methods. 'Idaho Technology's 5:1 pooling protocol can reduce PCR assay costs by up to 80%. This places the assay price in the same range as ELISA testing,' says Dennis D´ Alfonso, National Sales Manager.

The Salmonella LT assay joins Idaho Technology's growing portfolio of assays used in conjunction with the company´s detection instruments. The assay is intended for use by trained laboratory personnel.

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Source : Idaho Technology Inc. [USA]
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Posted on April 22, 2008