Cut Costs on ATP Testing - Free Trial Samples

Companies already undertaking ATP bioluminescence testing should consider retrofitting the Snapshot ATP swab from Hygiena International, a company that specialises in rapid test platform solutions for the food, clinical and other manufacturing industries. Snapshot is a cost effective universal ATP swab that fits most luminometers used for hygiene monitoring (including Biotrace, BioControl, Charm, Merck and Celsis models), offering consumable cost savings of up to 50%.

A pre-wetted integrated swab means that the ready-to-use Snapshot produces rapid test results in as little as 15 seconds. Its liquid-stable enzyme reagent provides a robust test with exceptional accuracy and repeatability. With a shelf life of 12 months Snapshot can be used for surface testing as well as for rinse water samples.

Typical application industries include food and drink, as well as testing water quality or the effectiveness of cleaning or sanitation procedures. End users may include food and beverage manufacturers, hospitals, catering outlets, dairies, water utilities, cosmetics manufacturers, breweries and environmental management companies.

Snapshot is the sensitive and reliable method of providing a low cost ATP test for cleaning verification, making it invaluable where food safety is of utmost importance. This is a single, all-in-one device that features patented snap-valve technology with a simple swab, snap'n squeeze action. It is also a disposable product which provides an easy-to-use test solution that can be used in the production environment by unskilled operatives, ensuring that due diligence is paid in hygiene critical sectors. For a free sample contact Hygiena International using the 'Request more information about this news item' option below.

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Posted on February 12, 2007