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New CP ChromoSelect Agar for Clostridium perfringens in Water

CP ChromoSelect Agar
A selective chromogenic media for the isolation and enumeration of Clostridium perfringens
in water samples using membrane filtration.

On CP ChromoSelect agar, C. perfringens appears as distinct green colonies.
This new unique media has many advantages compared to m-CP and TSC agars:
  • more reliable

  • easier to handle

  • colour does not diffuse in the agar and is stable

  • confirmation is not required since the green coloration is specific for C. perfringens.

  • no ammonia gassing (avoid subculturing the C. perfringens, further confirmation impossible)

  • eliminates the excessive and variable blackening of the peripheral colonies encountered with TSC agar

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Posted on June 10, 2008