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Rapid E. coli/coliform Testing in Water with Readycult® Coliforms 100

Readycult Snap Pack

The EPA approved Readycult® method allows you to use the indole test for immediate E. coli confirmation saving you days of lab time and the expense of traditional testing. You'll also be able to respond more quickly to potentially dangerous situations. And you'll never have to worry about product integrity as Readycult® Snap Packs don't need to be refrigerated and have the longest shelf life in the market! (3 years from day of production.)

Just add a Readycult® Snap Pack to your sample and mix. Incubate for 24 hours at 35-37°C. If there is no color change the test is negative. (Turbidity does not indicate a positive test). Any color change in the broth to blue-green, even if only at the upper section, confirms the presence of total coliforms. A light-blue fluorescence indicates the presence of E. coli. If confirmation of E. coli is desired, the indole test can be performed directly in the same broth by adding Kovac's reagent (or Bactident® Indole). If a red ring appears immediately you have positive confirmation.

The Readycult® Test: Easier, more economical, and with E. coli specific confirmation.

Now you have a better way to test for coliforms including an additional positive confirmation of E. coli. ONPG-MUG testing necessitates the use of a color Comparator to interpret initial results. With the Readycult® test the color change from yellow to blue-green is an easy-to-read, definitive positive result. With the optional 30-second indole reaction you have an accurate method for positive confirmation of E. coli. With this additional indole test you are protected two ways: Against false negatives because a lack of fluorescence doesn't always indicate absence of E. coli and against false positives because other species of bacteria can fluoresce. Readycult Indole

Now the choice is easy! And for a limited time you can qualify to receive free bottles for a full year! For details please log on to or you can reach us by phone at 1-800-222-0342.

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Posted on March 2, 2005

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