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MAS-100 ISO™ Air Sampler for Cleanrooms and Isolators


The new MAS-100 ISO™ is a system designed to meet the most rigorous demands for efficient air monitoring of the microbiological cleanliness in isolators and cleanrooms. The system consists of a control unit (CU), valve unit (VU), aspiration unit (AU) and a sampling head (SH).

The sampling head(s) mount on standard tri-clamp fittings which themselves are mounted through the walls of the isolator or cleanroom. Beside the sampling head there are no other components to be installed within the critically controlled zone.

A special double valve system ensures security and also allows the integration of the sampling head(s) into the sterilization process of the isolator or room with no manipulations. Each control unit can run 4 sampling heads and in a BUS-system up to 40 sampling heads at the same time. The sampling head is available in anodized aluminum or L316 stainless steel.

EMD has the most comprehensive calibration and service program available for microbial air sampling. We use state of the art instrumentation and our system is calibrated directly by NIST which puts any calibration we do for you only one link away from the primary NIST flow measurement standard. There is simply no higher level of accuracy available than NIST itself!

CHECK OUT the digital anemometer that can be used to calibrate this instrument.

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Posted on November 10, 2004