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Soleris™ Connectivity Software Advances Networking Capabilities of Microbiology Laboratories

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How effective are rapid test results if they can take hours to reach the right decision makers? Centrus International, Inc. provides a better way to share crucial microbial test results and data with the introduction of Soleris™ Connectivity software. For use with the Soleris rapid optical system, Soleris Connectivity software offers new features for improved diagnostics lab coordination and communication.

The software system provides secure, real-time test results and data to an unlimited number of approved network users, and can be adapted to interface with specific Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). Contamination alarms can also be sent securely through traditional and cellular phone systems. This customized connectivity allows food, meat, dairy, beverage and nutraceutical processors to make faster, better-informed decisions regarding product safety and release.

Standard Soleris software features automated system control, data analysis and automatic contamination detection . The Soleris Connectivity upgrade allows real-time test results to be sent to additional designated workstations on networks such as Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN) and Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Sent using a secure supervisor workstation, this speeds the communication of important information to an unlimited number of designated viewers.

To make test information as functional as possible, Connectivity software can be customized to interface with LIMS. The system can be tailored to integrate with existing information systems, allowing labs to incorporate test results with their own proprietary data and operating systems, improving overall laboratory coordination and value of test results.

Test results can be monitored from remote locations connected through any existing communication line, further speeding the flow of essential information. For example, results and analysis from any test site on the network can be monitored from anywhere in the world. In addition, contaminated sample alarms can be sent through traditional and cellular phone lines, streamlining lab communication.

Additional features include manual backup function, transferring data files and reports to a supervisor station, and a hardware security device to ensure lab results are accessible only through designated secure-access workstations.

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Source : Centrus International, Inc. [USA]
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Posted on August 25, 2005