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SciGene Introduces Ozone Protection System for GenePix Scanners

SciGene today announced the introduction of the NoZone GP Workspace, the newest member of its popular line of ozone control products for genomic laboratories. The NoZone GP system was designed in cooperation with MDS Analytical Technologies for use with its line of Axon GenePix Microarray Scanners.

The NoZone GP system protects fluorescent samples on microarrays from degrading during the scanning process due to ozone found in laboratory air. The NoZone GP Workspace uses a filtration system that pumps ozone-free air through a special enclosure that surrounds the scanner. Ozone levels within the enclosure are reduced in a few minutes and maintained under 5 ppb, regardless of high or fluctuating ambient ozone levels in the laboratory.

'We are extremely pleased with the development of SciGene's NoZone GP Workspace for our GenePix microarray customers', commented Varshal Dav, Director of Marketing, Microarray and LCM Systems, MDS Analytical Technologies, 'The NoZone GP Workspace is an effective means of reducing lab ozone effects on microarrays when using GenePix scanners, and is a reliable, easy-to-use system. We would recommend this product to customers who use GenePix scanners and are experiencing environmental ozone-related signal degradation.'

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Posted on January 30, 2008