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APS One - Good Things Come in Small Packages

APS One plate pourer and stacker
Don Whitley Scientific introduces the compact automated pourer stacker APS One for microbiology laboratories. Developed by AES Chemunex, APS One is compatible with all brands of 90mm and 55mm Petri dishes and can process up to 800 plates per hour.

The automated pourer stacker safeguards sample sterility and helps to avoid the contamination pitfalls associated with manual media handling. The nozzle is turned away from the plates between depositions and pouring is carried out under UV light to prevent aerobiocontamination. Exposure to air, glassware and human contact is minimised as the plates are closed immediately after being filled. A new plate transfer system coupled with a lower carousel height ensures that plates are consistently level.
Standard carousel capacity is 550 plates, with the option to upgrade to a maximum of 880.

Ergonomically designed for maximum convenience, APS One has 14 columns for fast, easy loading as well as an integrated plate cooling system. Its small footprint, improved connectivity and user-friendly parameters ensure effortless and swift sample loading, making the system ideal for laboratories with limited bench space. APS One provides total traceability - 40 different programmes can be stored for reuse. It has a USB port and can be linked to the internet and other systems, as well as directly to a printer.

For more information on the compact automated pourer stacker APS One for microbiology laboratories visit www.dwscientific.co.uk/apsone.php

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Posted on October 22, 2009