Count By Colours With ProtoCOL2

Don Whitley Scientific's latest offering, ProtoCOL2, is an automated colony counter and zone sizing system manufactured by Synbiosis. ProtoCOL2 facilitates fast and reliable quantification of all colony types grown on popular media including membrane filters, opaque and transparent agars.

Building on the success of its predecessor, the updated version can analyse a wide range of media and cut workloads by over 80% when compared to manual processes. ProtoCOL2 enables time-poor microbiologists to perform colony counting and zone reading with a precision and efficiency that meets the highest antibiotic quality control standards.

The new and improved ProtoCOL2 is a fully integrated system, which includes a large colour touch screen monitor to allow rapid data input. No additional equipment is required to operate this system. A high resolution camera and an LED lighting system provide optimal illumination of coloured colony plates. Ideal for identifying specific microorganisms in a mixed population, different colours of colony are clearly distinguishable on one plate. The system's dark wrap-around screen doors are designed to optimise imaging by eliminating the effects of ambient, natural or fluorescent light.

DWS has over 20 years of experience installing, servicing and maintaining colony counters around the UK and Europe and uses them in the company's own laboratories. This proven track record allows DWS experts to offer bespoke equipment solutions tailored to satisfy individual study requirements. Unique technical insight and commitment to customer support enables DWS to bring its advanced technology into microbiological laboratories of varying size and capacity.

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Posted on August 31, 2009