Vertical and Benchtop Autoclave Range for Safe, Precise and Reproducible Sterilisation

Systec Autoclave Range
Exclusively available in the UK through Don Whitley Scientific, Systec's extensive portfolio of innovative autoclaves provides safe, precise and reproducible steam sterilisation for today's laboratories.
A choice of ranges (X, E, B) for different laboratory applications is available in both a vertical floor-standing (V-series) or benchtop format (D-series). With a variety of capacities from 23 to 200 litres, there are a total of 48 models.

The fully automatic Xpert range provides the greatest flexibility and can be tailored to meet specialist requirements. Offering a choice of 25 autoclave programmes, the integrated steam generator speeds up the sterilisation process. In addition to the internal memory, which can save up to 500 sterilisation cycles, there is also an option for an integrated SD card reader. This allows data back-up for up to 10,000 cycles and removes the need for a permanent computer connection. For garment autoclaving, the optional 'Superdry' function ensures that items emerge completely dry.

Both robust and reliable, the Everyday model is designed for routine laboratory use. With 12 autoclave programmes, it also has an 'Autofill' function to automatically supply de-mineralised water for steam generation. Straightforward applications can benefit from the cost effective Basic model, which offers simple, easy-to-use operation with 3 sterilisation programmes. All Systec autoclaves can achieve sterilisation temperatures up to 140°C with a steam pressure of 4 bar. Higher temperatures and pressures are available on some models, if required. With a sleek modern look, Systec autoclaves are ultimately designed with operator safety in mind. All models come with a temperature dependant safety lock as standard, in addition to a safety pressure release valve and excess temperature cut-off.

Tracy Burton, Head of Microbiology at Guernsey Princess Elizabeth Hospital, commented: 'We use our autoclaves on a daily basis so we have to be sure they are reliable. We've been very happy with the benchtop models we purchased from Don Whitley Scientific. Regular servicing ensures that they remain up and running to meet the demands of our busy laboratory, and we find the level of customer service from Don Whitley Scientific is second to none.'

In addition to sales and customer support, Don Whitley Scientific also provide UKAS accredited calibration and validation services for all autoclaves to ensure regulatory compliance, a particularly 'hot' topic.

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Posted on July 30, 2008