New Microaerophilic gassing system from Don Whitley Scientific

New to the MACS range of workstations, the MACS MICS is a fast, automated system for delivering accurate gas mixtures for growth of microaerophilic organisms. Designed for the cost conscious laboratory, the jar-based MACS MICS runs at 1% of the cost of gas generating envelopes and is suitable for growth of specimens such as Campylobacter and Helicobacter from food, water and medical samples.

The MACS MICS is ideal for those laboratories currently using dedicated workstations for anaerobic work but still requiring a flexible, low cost alternative for microaerophilic work running off the same gas supply. However, it is also an economical initial investment for start-up laboratories specialising in microaerophilic work.

The system is simple to operate, with evacuation and gas replacement of the jar initiated by the single touch of a button. Cleverly pulling a partial vacuum on the jar, the MACS MICS refills it with anaerobic mix, creating the correct microaerophilic conditions with the residual oxygen in the jar.

A clear LCD display indicates the point in the cycle that the jar has reached and will also alert the user to any problems, automatically aborting the procedure if a jar leak is detected. With a neat bench top footprint, the MACS MICS can create the correct atmosphere in seconds rather than the hour needed by most gas generating envelopes, reducing the cost by up to 99% and eliminating the need to stock large quantities of bulky consumables.

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Posted on November 10, 2003