New miniMACS takes on anaerobes

Don Whitley Scientific has recently launched the new miniMACS anaerobic workstation. Designed to complement the highly successful larger MACS workstation, the miniMACS is a compact, affordable system, ideal for either large laboratories in need of more capacity or smaller laboratories requiring more flexibility. For those laboratories currently restricted to use of anaerobic jars the miniMACS is not only more cost-effective but provides consistency.

Although the workstation requires just 810mm of bench width, it still has 33% more internal capacity than any other comparable units. When used only as an incubator it can store up to 400 x 90mm Petri dishes! Manufactured from super tough 10mm acrylic, the novel 'lift-off' lid facility allows complete access to the chamber for addition or removal of bulk samples and equipment. The unique 'rapid lock' manual porthole system provides both access for the operator's arms and the transfer of up to 20 x 90mm Petri dishes. New latex-free sleeves offer welcome relief for allergy sufferers, while the fully automatic humidity control system is maintenance-free.

Other standard features include refillable Anotox sachets and catalyst, nitrogen to sleeves if desired and an internal spotlight. Options include an internal power socket, automatic sleeve gassing and the unique single-plate entry system for rapid introduction of individual samples - perfect for 'on-call' or emergency use.

With Clostridium spp now accounting for at least 40% of all illness resulting from the consumption of contaminated food, it is becoming increasingly important for smaller food laboratories to be able to deal efficiently with larger numbers of samples. Until now, workstation costs have been prohibitive to all but the larger clinical laboratories. With a low capital outlay and minimal running costs miniMACS justifies itself.

Don Whitley Scientific is the market leader in anaerobic microbiology and miniMACS has been specifically developed to meet the rapidly changing needs of clinical and research laboratories. Exciting additional options for the anaerobic workstation range are currently in development and details will be released shortly. Don Whitley Scientific also boasts extensive service and technical support facilities and proudly offers a 365 days a year support package.

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Posted on May 20, 2003