MARA (Microbial Assay for toxic Risk Assessment) - a Micro-Scale Ecotoxicity Test

Toxicity Fingerprint MARA is a unique, innovative product for use in toxicity testing. It is highly versatile and can cope with a wide range of samples ranging from complex industrial effluents to potable water.
The test consists of an array of eleven genetically diverse micro-organisms (ten bacteria and one yeast), freeze-dried in a micro-titre plate. The array is exposed to either a concentration gradient of the test sample or an undiluted sample. Growth of the micro-organisms in the array is measured by recording the reduction of a redox dye through the use of a flat bed scanner and image analysis software.

MARA meets all the required test criteria for micro-scale ecotoxicity tests:

  • simplicity
  • sensitivity
  • speed
  • accuracy
  • reproducibility
  • standardisation
  • precision
  • cost effectiveness
  • convenience

In addition to the above, MARA provides the user with significantly more information which is not available from other tests:
  • data for 11 test results (provided by a ‘ battery of tests ´ within a test)

  • minimum and maximum concentration values across the range of micro-organisms

  • can be used to produce toxic fingerprints

  • indicative of the mode of action of chemicals and toxicants

  • indicative of the similarity between chemicals and toxicants

  • can be used to produce a dendrogram comparing unknown chemicals to standards

NCIMB will be running regular training workshops on the use of the MARA product.

For further information, please contact NCIMB using the contact details at the top of this page or download a pdf product brochure.

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Posted on September 1, 2008

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