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3M Petrifilm Automated Reading and Image Storage

DigiCounter™ software now automatically counts all varieties of 3M™ Petrifilm™. Entire films or selected areas are instantly counted. Counts may be differentiated by size and or color, and touching colonies can be discriminated. Individual colonies may be manually included or excluded. High resolution color digital images are saved and can be reviewed any time.

DigiCounter software is included with both BIOMIC® V3 and TRINITY™ V3 microbiology systems from Giles Scientific (California, USA).

Since 1984, Giles Scientific has served clinical and industrial microbiology laboratories in 55+ countries. BIOMIC® V3 and TRINITY™ V3 color digital imaging systems automate the reading and interpretation of numerous microbiology tests including antibiotic disk susceptibility, organism identification, antibiotic potency and colony counting.

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Posted on May 8, 2008