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New 'Safe Use of Biological Safety Cabinet' Video

Esco has published a new and updated 'Safe Use of Biological Safety Cabinets'. This video features a general recommendation on the use of Class II BSCs or Class II Type A2 BSCs which are used in practically all microbiological and disease research laboratories around the world.

The 'Safe Use of Biological Safety Cabinets' video can be used freely for training and education purposes.

Although the first video was released using only English language, plans for dubbing the video in different languages are underway. Esco opens the opportunity to work together with the bio-safety community and invites participation in this project.

'This is a way for Esco to give something back to the BSC community, that has trusted us to fulfill their needs for an affordable but high quality BSC product all these years,' said XQ Lin, Esco Vice President.

The video can be viewed on

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Posted on November 26, 2010