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Esco PCR Cabinets for Polymerase Chain Reaction Applications

Specifically designed for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) applications, Esco PCR cabinet offers 99.9998% efficient HEPA-filtered vertical laminar airflow within workzone that provides ISO Class 4 (US Federal Standard 209E Class 10) product and cross-contamination protection. By providing a particulate-free work environment, Esco PCR cabinet isolates critical steps in the PCR process from contamination present in the ambient environment, and can be operated effectively as "mini-environments" in the laboratory.

User-friendly Esco Sentinel™ microprocessor control system monitors performance and usage hours of UV lamp, pre-filter and main HEPA filter, and alerts the user when replacement is required. UV sterilization period is fully programmable using the microprocessor keypad. Double-hinged safety front cover of the PCR cabinet is made from UV-absorbing beta radiation resistant polycarbonate and is interlocked with t he control system to deactivate UV lamp when the cover is accidentally opened. In order to ensure effective sterilization, a decontamination shelf is provided in the back wall of the workzone for a closer spot to the UV radiation.

PCR cabinet front is sloped for ergonomics and optimum visibility into the workzone during operations, while electronically-ballasted 5000k instant-start lighting is comfortable to the operator's eyes during extended usage. Front edge of the stainless steel work surface is curved for maximum comfort to the operator's arms.

Replacing Esco's Airstream-brand PCR model, the Esco PCR cabinet is now available in 3 and 4ft widths. Esco PCR is also available in a low-cost 2ft version, which uses a simple switch control system along with a UV timer function, instead of the microprocessor control system.

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Posted on January 24, 2005