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White Papers on Biological Safety Cabinets

Esco announces the publication of a series of white papers focused on the microbiological testing of biological safety cabinets.

Microbiological testing is carried out to validate the cabinet's ability to provide personnel, product and cross contamination protection, and is specified in the NSF49 and EN12469 standards.

The white papers document the outcome of Esco's research into the following topics:
  • Personnel protection tests on biosafety cabinets with widths less than 0.9m (3')
  • Nebulizer placement for cross contamination tests
In the first study, alternative distances of slit air samplers from the cabinet interior side walls were evaluated on cabinets with widths less than 0.9m (3'), and a 1.2m (4') typical width model.

In the second study, differing nebulizer placements as specified in the NSF49 and EN12469 standards were compared on a single cabinet.

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Posted on October 25, 2010