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NEW Improved Esco Streamline Class II Biological Safety Cabinets

Esco have released new and improved Esco Streamline Class II Biological Safety Cabinets. Esco developed the Streamline range for laboratories which require a quality product on a tight budget.

These cabinets protect users, products and the environment and are certified to the European Standard EN 12469 by the Health Protection Agency, UK, Porton Down.
Now in its 2nd generation release, Streamline cabinets feature the new Sentinel™ Delta microprocessor-based control system, which monitors and controls all cabinet functions. Real time airflow velocity display and alarms for both airflow and sash position insure operator safety.

Like all Esco products, no compromises have been made in the areas of ergonomics. Streamline cabinets feature angled fronts, glass side windows and comfortable armrests.

Streamline is the lowest cost EN certified Class II Biological Safety Cabinet on the world market today. Enjoy comfort and safety without breaking your wallet!

Note: Streamline products are not available in all markets.

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Posted on September 25, 2009