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AIRSTREAM® Class II Biosafety Cabinets - Second Generation

The second generation of Esco's best-selling EN12469 type-tested Airstream® Class II Biosafety Cabinets (AC2) biosafety cabinets is scheduled for a launch in December 2004.

Providing the best operator, environment and product protection with superior ULPA filtration at 99.9998% typical efficiency, Airstream® Class II features many improvements such as an ergonomically-designed sloped front and a new work tray design that improves cleanability as well as airflow uniformity. Airstream® biosafety cabinets are now also available in two different versions: with transparent UV-resistant glass sides (E-series) or with full stainless steel interior (S-series).

Backward curve motorized impeller technology employed in the cabinet, replacing conventional blowers, ensures better air uniformity and improved energy efficiency for lower operating costs.

Highly customizable Esco Sentinel™ microprocessor control system alerts the user of any unsafe operation conditions. An integral unique raised armrest of the cabinet is comfortable and prevents accidental blocking of the front air grilles during operations. Attention has been paid to ergonomics - such as low noise, comfortable 5000k warm lighting, and a frameless sliding front sash. Stringent quality control testing, including individual containment tests, is performed and reported on every unit shipped.

Your investment is also protected by a unique design that can be field-upgraded later with our Retrofit Kits™.

NOTE: This item is from our 'historic' database and may contain information which is not up to date.

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Posted on December 8, 2004

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