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Esco Launches New Stainless Steel Transfer Hatches

Esco launched the new range of Stainless Steel Transfer Hatches, featuring reliable mechanical interlocks and durable stainless steel construction inside and out.
Controlling the ingress of particulate contamination into cleanrooms and other controlled environments is paramount in order to maintain the integrity of products and processes. Personnel traffic is the most important factor which must be controlled.

Esco Pass Boxes and Transfer Hatches are a cost effective solution as they allow materials to be transferred into the controlled environment without actual personnel movement. They may also be used to protect the external environment from egress of contamination, for example, in biological safety laboratory applications.

Compared with conventional pass boxes, this new product line from Esco is designed to be extremely easy to clean. This interior features stainless steel coved corners. Tempered glass doors are frameless. Gaskets are custom moulded, single piece, without joints.

Esco Stainless Steel Transfer Hatches are available in nominal 45x45x45cm and 60x60x60cm internal dimensions. A complete range of standard pass boxes, air shower pass boxes and air showers is also available from Esco.

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Posted on May 13, 2008