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Esco Launches Quietest Class II Biological Safety Cabinet

Esco has launched the new Labculture, Low Noise, Class II Biological Safety Cabinet, the industry's lowest noise Class II cabinet, featuring noise levels as low as 53.5dBA (1.2m cabinet, tested according to EN12469).

OSHA has made work related noise one of its main themes. Typical Class II BSCs operate at 60dBA, with a reduction of 3dBA representing approximately a halving of perceived noise level. The Low Noise Labculture therefore has a perceived noise level 75% lower than standard Class II cabinets. Users may spend many hours working continuously. Lower noise levels create a more comfortable work environment, reduce stress, and enhance productivity.

The Labculture cabinet also features the largest work zone in the industry - work area on Esco 0.9m cabinet is equivalent to work area on competing 1.2m cabinet. Tri-wall construction surrounds the work zone with negative pressure plenums for maximum safety. The angled front, narrow profile front grille, raised armrest and frameless sash creates an ergonomic work environment. Single piece stainless steel work tray and front grille, lower drain pan with angled sides and single piece work zone liner eliminates joints for superior cleanability.

The Labculture, Low Noise, Class II Biological Safety Cabinet is available in 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m sizes.

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Posted on March 13, 2008