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Optimize Your Sample Preparation with INTERSCIENCE

INTERSCIENCE range of homogenizers/blenders
Discover the world's largest range of lab homogenizers adapted to any kind of sample: BagMixer® provides bacterial extraction from any food, medical, veterinary or environmental sample in less than 60 seconds.

With BagFilter® sterile filter bags, the BagMixer® provides the best integrated system for sample preparation prior to its analysis: quickly and with no risks!
  • Unique manufacturer of lab homogenizers AND sterile bags for microbiology

  • More than 10.000 BagMixer® lab homogenizers in labs: world best-seller thanks to its user-friendly features, technology patents and robustness

  • World's largest range of lab homogenizers. With more than 10 models:
    - MiniMix® 100 (5-80 ml; sample up to 10 g)
    - BagMixer® 400 (50-400 ml; sample up to 40 g)
    - JumboMix® 3500 (200-3500 ml; sample up to 400 g)

  • 3 Year guarantee + Life-time guarantee on window door and shock absorbers, Life-time product care, high-quality made in France

  • Optimal extraction: the blending power can be adjusted to the sample type using the adjustable paddles. The blending power can increase up to 28 kg of pressure, which allows the blending of very hard samples. (INTERSCIENCE PATENT)

  • Easy cleaning: BagMixer® is all stainless steel with a 270° opening door and equipped with Click and Clean® paddles (INTERSCIENCE PATENT). To clean the blender, in one click remove the paddles, autoclave them and clean the BagMixer® completely.

  • User-friendliness and comfort: BagMixer® is equipped with great features: easy control of the speed, power and time with a digital screen; Q-Tight® closing system preventing risks of leaking liquid from the top and side-by-side paddle stop for easy insertion.

The BENEFITS of homogenizing in a sterile filter bag
  • Instant filtration occurs during homogenization

  • Sterile filtration guarantees NO RISK of cross-contamination

  • No debris on the dish: EASY and enhanced reading of the colonies

  • Precise results and excellent reproducibility

For more information, visit www.interscience.fr, telephone + 33 (0) 1 34 62 62 61 or email info@interscience.fr

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Posted on January 20, 2011