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INTERSCIENCE Automatic Colony Counter: Counts up to 7 Colours on Same Plate

The Scan® 1200 is an automatic high resolution color colony counter. A new feature on the Scan® software allows detection and differentiation of up to 7 different colors on the same plate, ideal for counting colonies on chromogenic media.

The automation of manual operations enables quick, standardized and reliable results. Interscience Scan® is the most innovative and reliable automatic colony counter on the market today with technology that makes it compliant with today's requirements of traceability and productivity for microbiological analysis.

Benefits of counting bacterial colonies with the Scan® 1200 includes:
  • Reliability, productivity and time-saving

  • Instant, complete results

  • High-performance results on very small colonies

  • Excellent reproducibility and repeatability

  • Adaptable (reads all media formats: Petri dish, Petrifilm™, RIDA™ Count...)

  • Detection and counting by color (up to 7 colors)

  • Total traceability: images and results stored and can be exported to Excel™

  • User-friendly software

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    Posted on February 11, 2009