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Microbiological Control of Starter Cultures in Cheese Production

Effective monitoring of the microbiological nature of starter cultures during all stages of cheese production helps to control the production processes. Using vermicon VIT® gene probes, starter cultures can be individually identified and quantified directly within the sample without any need for pre-enrichment.

Cheese production requires a complex interaction of raw materials, production technology and microorganisms. A key element for consistent product quality is always microbiology. To effectively monitor starter cultures it is necessary to identify and quantify the respective bacteria in the culture. These are often hard to differentiate by conventional methods. Additionally, the composition and activity of the bacteria population has to be analyzed.

The VIT® gene probe technology does not rely on an indirect approach of cultivation and subsequent differentiation. Instead it detects the composition of the bacteria population directly in the sample without any need for cultivation. By applying specific gene probes, starter cultures are individually identified and quantified directly within the sample without pre-enrichment. The activity of the starter culture is specifically monitored and determined. The method can be used for raw materials (such as cultures, lyophilisates, milk), in-process samples or end products. It has already been applied successfully by international cheese manufacturers.

This approach is particularly useful when developing new products or investigating problems during cheese production direct insights are essential for coherent findings. Conventional microbiological systems do not provide the same information. "We provide you with the direct insight into cheese,' Dr. Jiri Snaidr, CEO of vermicon, states."Our newly developed system for starter cultures in cheese often brings completely new findings for producers.'

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Posted on February 23, 2011