vermicon's 'serviceplus' Offers Microbiological Analysis in a Complete Package

Clients of vermicon´s high tech facilities in Munich are now able to book bacterial analytical services as complete packages. The 'serviceplus' concept aims at accelerating microbiological services for industrial clients.

vermicon´s 'serviceplus' allows clients to avoid time consuming preparation for sample taking. 'serviceplus' clients requesting a particular service receive all utensils necessary in order to take their specific samples and subsequent delivery. Time and effort are thereby reduced to a minimum. With 'serviceplus' vermicon AG introduces its advanced service concept of making highly efficient, cutting-edge microbiology solutions available to a whole variety of clients.

'Ordering microbiological analysis has to become as simple as ordering a book online', explains vermicon´s CEO Dr. Jiri Snaidr, 'We thus created 'serviceplus'.' Consequently, vermicon AG´s approved cutting-edge technologies by which analysis are conducted were integrated into redesigned, highly efficient analysis routines. By doing so, time, costs and effort on the clients´ side are drastically reduced.

Wastewater testing kits "VIT for Filaments' and "VIT-Microthrix rapid analysis' are the first vermicon services available as 'serviceplus'. Further 'serviceplus' packages are constantly added to their portfolio. Soon, vermicon AG will be able to provide clients from every microbiological industry sector with its own 'serviceplus' package.

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Posted on August 30, 2010