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Legionella Latex Identification Kit Now Includes Serotype 15

Latex Identification Kit

Water safety is an important part of Bio-Rad's commitment to industrial control.

Our Legionella testing products will help you to find the best ways to control Legionella proliferation in water.

The Bio-Rad L. pneumophila Latex kit now includes the detection of L. pneumophila serogroup 15, also known as the Lansing Group. The new latex kit comprises 1 bottle of reagent for serogroup 1, and a second bottle with latex reagent for detection of serogroups 2-15. The latex is an agglutination test for the confirmation of L. pneumophila bacteria grown on selective medium, and can be applied to both clinically or environmentally isolated Legionella.

Results are available in 2 minutes, using a simple protocol. The latex used is coated with specific immunoglobulins which have been specially processed to eliminate cross reactions with potentially cross-reacting organisms. Consequently, test results are accurate and easy to interpret.

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Posted on February 19, 2004