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New Rapid C-difficile Test Detects Antigen and Toxin

Inverness Medical have launched a new 30-minute test for C. difficile. Based on the 2-step approach, the 'C.DIFF QUIK CHECK COMPLETE' test detects C.difficile antigen and C. difficile toxins A and B in one simple assay, providing a more complete diagnostic picture for improved patient care and infection control.

The new 2-step approach screens faecal samples for glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH), the C. difficile 'common antigen' that has been identified as an excellent screening marker for the infection, and simultaneously tests for toxigenic strains including the hyper-virulent Bi/NAP1/027 that is causing severe outbreaks across Europe and North America.

The predominant cause of hospital-acquired diarrhoea and pseudomembranous colitis (PMC), C. difficile is highly infectious and extremely dangerous in the compromised and elderly. The disease can rapidly become life threatening and contributes to the death of 8,324 patients every year, which is four times as many as MRSA. Rapid, accurate reporting of C. difficile is therefore essential for improving patient outcomes and minimising the risk of cross infection and outbreaks.

A recent comprehensive evaluation at University College Hospital, London has confirmed that the 2-step approach provides significant advantages over conventional 'toxin only' testing offered by most laboratories. Professor Mike Wren, Consultant Biomedical Scientist commented; 'Toxin-only testing misses over 40% of positives, with serious implications for patient management. Our studies show that the 2-step approach has a Negative Predictive Value (NPV) of 99.5% and provides rapid, meaningful results that help physicians to make appropriate clinical decisions'.

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Posted: May 20, 2009
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