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Biolog, Inc. has launched its 3rd generation microbial ID system

The new GEN III System is built around a single test panel that can be used to identify more than 1,000 species of gram negative and gram positive bacteria. Set-up consists of a simple one minute protocol and no Gram-stain, pre-tests or follow-on tests are required.

Previous Biolog ID systems identified 800 species and used two panels, one for gram negative bacteria and a different panel for gram positive bacteria. Bacterial ID systems from other companies utilize 2 or more panels and identify only about 300 species. The GEN III system is revolutionary in its speed and simplicity of testing as well as in its broad and comprehensive species coverage.

The 96-well GEN III MicroPlate™ panel incorporates 71 carbon source and 23 chemical sensitivity assays in a pre-coated dry chemistry format. With these 94 tests, the system analyzes a bacterial cell’s properties including its ability to metabolize all major classes of biochemicals and its sensitivity to chemicals that may inhibit growth. The colorimetric pattern or “fingerprint” generated by the bacterium is automatically interpreted against GEN III's extensive species library.

Biolog’s customers work in diverse disciplines of microbiology. The new system is fully compatible with previous Biolog systems, allowing the customer base to quickly and easily upgrade. Using GEN III in conjunction with Biolog’s other microbial identification databases, over 2200 species of bacteria, yeast and filamentous fungi can be identified quickly and easily.

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Posted: December 1, 2007
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