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Launch of New Pathozyme-Viro HSV-2 IgG ELISA Kit

Omega Diagnostics Ltd., have launched their new Type Specific ELISA kit for HSV 2 IgG. Pathozyme-Viro HSV-2 IgG is the latest addition to the Pathozyme range.

Pathozyme-Viro HSV-2 IgG is for the detection of type-specific IgG antibodies directed against HSV-2 antigens in human serum.

Key Benefits include:

  • High specificity
    (100% - no false positives). Use of short peptide sequences gives no cross reactivity with other antibodies

  • High sensitivity
    96% compared with Western Blotting

  • Microplate format
    Breakwell strips for maximum
    flexibility and minimal wastage

  • Ready-to-use colour-coded reagents
    For ease of use

  • Controls ready-to-use
    No need to dilute controls

  • Rapid
    Test completed with 1h 45min total incubation

  • Results easily calculated
    and expressed as an index for ease of comparison

  • Shelf-life
    1 year

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Posted: May 27, 2008
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