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Tec Classic Can Grow With Your Labs Petri Dish Requirements

Available from BioTool Switzerland, the Tec Classic Line is the only modular system that sets the standards in gradual scale up for Petri Dish media processing. The modularity allows the gradual scale up from sterile filling only, to a semi-automated process including automated dish feeding and stacking, extendable with expanding laboratory needs.

The Tec Classic Line fits between the high throughput solution Petriswiss PS900P with its individual dish identification by labelling and the unique compact solution Petriswiss PS20 mini.

Easy-to-use and simple to clean, the Tec Classic Line can fill up to 1200 standard size Petri Dishes per hour. The variable height stacking unit provides automatic transportation of filled Petri Dishes and allows users to choose a manageable stack height of up to 15 Dishes for post-preparation handling, such as cooling, packing or transportation.

Whether your laboratory requires a complete integrated system or an individual optimised solution for automated sterile filling, feeding or stacking of Petri Dishes , the Tec Classic Line fulfils your highest requirements of quality and efficiency.

There is a BioTool media handling product for all requirements from easy to use peristaltic pumps, the smallest filling solution for Petri Dishes, modular units up to the fully automated PS900P. All units are manufactured in Switzerland.

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Posted: December 5, 2005
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