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Detection of Swine Flu using Seeplex

The recent outbreak of swine influenza has raised concerns of a global pandemic. The WHO has raised its influenza pandemic alert to level 4 following the deaths of more than 150 people in Mexico and further outbreaks in North America. There are also concerns about possible outbreaks in other countries after sporadic cases have been detected in New Zealand, Spain & United Kingdom.

The importance of early detection will be crucial for authorities to be able to identify those affected and prevent any further transmission to the population.

MAST's recently launched Seeplex range offers laboratories a multiplex PCR assay that can simultaneously detect up to 12 viral pathogens including Influenza A - which has coverage for amongst others H1N1 (Human, Swine & Avian), H3N2 (Human & Swine) and H5N1 (Human, Swine & Avian).

Using patented Dual Priming Oligonucleotide (DPO) technology, the Seeplex range offers excellent specificity & sensitivity in an easy to use, rapid format.

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Posted: April 28, 2009
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