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Copan Secures Additional Patent for its Flocked Swab Innovation

Copan flocked swabs
Copan was recently granted the Australian patent for its line of flocked swabs. Copan is the original inventor of flocked swab technology and introduced the first flocked swabs to the market in 2004. The Australian patent (N°2004226798) is the latest addition to a growing number of countries where Copan holds a patent for its flocked swab technology. In addition to the newly granted Australian patent, Copan also holds European patent (N°1608268), a Canadian patent (N°2515205), and a patent in New Zealand (N°541560).
Innovative FLOQSwabs™ comprise of a solid molded plastic applicator shaft with a tip that can vary in size and shape to serve different anatomical needs. The tip of the applicator is coated with short Nylon® fibers that are arranged in a perpendicular fashion. This perpendicular arrangement results from a process called flocking, where the fibers are sprayed onto the tip of the swab, while it is held in an electrostatic field. Copan's application of flocking technology has revolutionized the way biological swab samples are perceived.

Prior to Copan's FLOQSwabs™, a swab sample was the least desirable option for respiratory virus diagnostics. With the introduction of Copan's flocked swabs, mounting evidence now suggests that Copan's FLOQSwabs™ are comparable to the gold standard of nasal aspirates and washes with the added advantage of making the sample easier to collect and more patient friendly.

'Increasing the sensitivity of traditional and contemporary microbiology assays through improved fluid-dynamics played an important role in developing this technology for Microbiology applications' says Norman Sharples, Executive VP. 'The patent granted by Australia reiterates Copan's merits as the original inventor of flocked swab technology for collecting biological samples as backed by patents granted covering at least 18 countries worldwide,' Sharples concludes.

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Posted: May 14, 2010
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