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New concept in microbiological air sampler validation and calibration.

Politecnic validation system

The " POLITECNIC" SAS validation system allows instant physical validation of the complete "SAS" air sampler family and enables the operator to certify to inspection agencies the actual volume of aspirated air in a specific time.

Why and when you need air sampler validation?
It is important to verify that the volume of air you are sampling with your air sampler is correct to avoid errors in monitoring the contamination of the environment. Validation is an important step to assure that the final calculation is based on an accurately sampled volume of air. Validation of the aspirated volume should be performed every 6 or maximum of 12 months. The air sampler validation is recommended also each time the air flow rate could be changed due to a long use of the instrument or after other events that could compromise the flow rate.

Use of "Politecnic" for official control of SAS air sampler.
An official validation of the SAS air sampler is required in the event of an inspection. The flow meter of "Politecnic" should be calibrated by an official agency at regular intervals (usually every year). Official validation of the flow meter may also be performed by PBI's customer support service.

How does "Politecnic" work?
The use is quite simple: the SAS air sampler is fixed on the appropriate bearing. The air pressure or gas being tested are connected to the "Politecnic". The air sampler and the compressed air or gas are switched on at the same time. The flowmeter is regulated at the correct volume (eg: 100 lts of air/ minute for SAS SUPER 100): the front indicator should remain in rest position to confirm that the external and internal pressure are equalised. If not, the air flow of the sampler should be regulated until the indicator reaches the central rest position. Compressed air source should be connected to "Politecnic" SAS validation system.

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Source: International pbi SpA [Italy]
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Posted: August 4, 2003
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