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Automatic Media Dispenser Makes 0ver 500 Plates per Hour

Make Petri dish filling easy with the 'ADD-MINI' agar dispenser from International pbi.

The sterile filling of Petri dishes with nutrient agar is time consuming and it's critical to minimise any possibility of contamination for the plates being used in the microbiological laboratory. The 'ADD-MINI' agar dispenser is the most simple and at the same time the most practical system to fill Petri dishes. It ensures the same amount of media in each plate and to avoids any contamination according to Good Laboratory Practice.

The media dispensing is performed automatically by a peristaltic pump incorporated in the unit. 'ADD-MINI' is very compact and needs just 47 cm space in front of the lab bench. It produces 500/600 plates per hour and it is one of the cheapest unit on the market.

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Source: International pbi SpA [Italy]
Now part of VWR International Ltd. View company information

Posted: February 20, 2006
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