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New Automated Slide Processor for FISH using Vysis® and Other Probes

The Little Dipper™ Processor for FISH is a new automated processor that provides precisely controlled automation of the post-hybridization processing steps used with fluorescent in situ hybridization methods. The system provides process control and automation of this key step in the FISH process to ensure clear signals and low backgrounds.

The Little Dipper for FISH is a robotic system that controls wash agitation, time and buffer temperatures for processing batches of up to 24 FISH slides. It eliminates messy Coplin jars, waterbaths and staining dishes, delivering high quality and reproducible results and freeing up valuable technician time. Validated protocols for Vysis probes are pre-programmed incorporating a pre-warming slide 'dip' to ensure that a critical 73°C temperature is maintained during washing.

The simplicity of design of the Little Dipper makes training a snap and ensures consistent day-to-day results by different operators.

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Posted: May 14, 2008
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