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ARGENE CE Marked ADENOVIRUS R-gene™ Assay.

This R-gene™ kit detects and quantifies all the 52 Adenovirus serotypes, which makes the product unique in the market!

This assay is designed to monitor the viral load of adenovirus for the diagnosis of early disseminated adenovirus infections as well as for the management of patient therapy.

Adenovirus R-gene™ has proven to be a reliable method to determine the adenovirus viral load rapidly.

All scientific evaluations of ADENOVIRUS R-gene™ have demonstrated a high accuracy.

During QCMD Adenovirus External Quality Assessment program, 12 samples were blindly tested using the ADENOVIRUS R-gene™ kit. Those tests showed that 100% of the samples tested were in line with the expected results.

ADENOVIRUS R-gene™ is optimized and clinically validated for all samples that are routinely used in the virology laboratories (plasma, whole blood, stool, nasopharyngeal swabs, CSF, BAL, urine …) The assay is compatible with the major extraction and commonly available real-time PCR platforms. All controls are provided with the kit in order to monitor the entire process from extraction to amplification.

Moreover, ARGENE has developed a full range of kits (R-gene™) for its transplant program that all follow the same protocol which allow the simultaneous analysis for the other viruses involved in post-transplantation infections (CMV R-gene™ , CMV HHV6,7,8 R-gene™, EBV R-gene™, HSV1 HSV2 VZV R-gene™).

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Posted: June 30, 2009
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