Puritan Enviromax and ESK for Surface Sampling

Automatic Colony Counting on all Media and Inhibition Zones Analysis

The new V4 version of INTERSCIENCE's Scan® automatic colony counter software allows automatic colony counting on all media and inhibition zone analysis.

Competitive, equipped with a high-tech user-friendly software, INTERSCIENCE's automatic colony counters reach an unequalled level of performance.

Features include:

  • Instant results

  • Traceability: automatic recording of images and results, recountable anytime, data export to Excel™

  • Chromogenic media: counts up to 7 colors on the same plate

  • Inhibition zone analysis

  • Adaptable (reads Spiral, spread and pour Petri dishes, Petrifilm, RIDA Count/ Sanita-kun, filtering membrane, Compact Dry, inhibition zones)

  • Made in France by INTERSCIENCE

High-performance software:
INTERSCIENCE Scan® 500 and Scan® 1200 are high-technology automatic color colony counters in compliance with today's demands of traceability and productivity of microbiological analysis. The automation of difficult operations enables quick, standardized and reliable results. New features of the Scan® software include the detection and differentiation of 7 different colors on the same dish for the counting of chromogenic media and the analysis of inhibition zones. Interscience's Scan® software is today the most innovative and reliable automatic colony counter on the market !

INTERSCIENCE's know-how:
Entirely developed by Interscience, the Scan® software centralizes all the functions of the Scan® in one window making its use intuitive and user-friendly: it has a visualization window where the detected colonies are high-lighted and marked with a cross, one cursor to optimize counting, customizable settings adaptable to any kind of agar. Clustered colonies are automatically separated and any defects on the plate are corrected. In less than a second, colonies are marked with a cross and counted.

Ensured by the automatic saving of the data: results and screenshots are immediately saved and can be checked and re-counted at anytime. The export of the results to Excel™ is also a feature which is greatly appreciated by labs. The Firewire connection ensures the rapid transfer of high-resolution images. The Scan® 1200 can also be connected to a LIMS and to a bar-code reader.

The Scan® 1200 allows the counting of small colonies and the counting of dishes with a lot of colonies. The digital image of the sample placed in the Scan is displayed at 7 frames per second. The camera resolution is 1280x960 pixels and the image can be reduced or enlarged. The 'zoom' function enables you to see the colonies in detail and differentiate them clearly from particles.

Due to the multiple lighting combinations, the Scan can adapt to any kind of agar and colonies. The lighting by LEDs allow 6 different settings. Lighting by LEDs also adds great flexibility in the reading and the robustness of the Scan. It is a unit which requires no maintenance.

The Scan® automatic colony counter guarantees a quick result and is in compliance with G.L.P 'Good Laboratory Practice'. No special training is necessary.

NOTE: This item is from our 'historic' database and may contain information which is not up to date.

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Posted: May 7, 2009
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